My Biography

**QUBOX was born in France in 1995. From an early age, she showed a great interest in art, especially painting and sculpture.

In New York, Qubox began experimenting with different techniques and materials. She became interested in digital art and multimedia art.

Qubox’s work is often abstract and surreal. She explores themes such as identity, memory and the subconscious.

** “The City of Dreams “ (2020) is a multimedia installation that combines painting, sculpture and technology. The installation creates a surreal city that represents the dreams and imagination of the viewer.

The Tree of Memory “** (2022) is a bronze sculpture depicting a tree with roots that extend into the subconscious. The sculpture explores the relationship between memory and identity.

The Mirror of the Soul “** (2023) is a digital painting that depicts a mirror reflecting the viewer’s soul. The painting explores the idea that the image we see in the mirror is not always the real image of ourselves.

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Airbrush Illustrator, Oil, Digital 2D /3D
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